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Wedding Hairstyles

You’re getting married. Congratulations from everyone here at Sojourn! You’re about to embark on an amazing journey. But first, there’s the wedding day. Whether you’re planning an elaborate ceremony – pulling out all the stops – or running off to…

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Best Shampoo for Cold Cap Therapy

Cold Cap Therapy is fast becoming a highly recommended treatment to help prevent hair loss during Chemotherapy. Sojourn has been rated as the best shampoo to use during Cold cap Therapy. You may have read my blog “Find Options to Protect Your Hair During Chemotherapy”

Since my initial blog went live sojourn has had people receiving Cold Cap Therapy contacting us from around the world. I want to share a very moving story from one of our customers who reached out to us and was kind enough to include sojourn in her journey receiving Cold Cap Therapy.

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