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Find Out Why You Should Clarify Your Hair Sojourn Beauty

Find out why you should clarify your hair

Can you believe summer is coming to an end so rapidly? After all this sun, heat, smoke, smog, dust; it’s time to think about your hair. Why clarify? Hair is porous and absorbs everything, hair will hold onto medicine you take, impurities in the air, products you use (if they aren’t sojourn), which can make hair feel dry and brittle or weigh it down making it hard to style to perfection. Clarifying your hair is key to keeping it healthy; similar to clarifying your skin to keep that fresh smooth glow.

find out why you should clarify your hair

Have you ever gone camping and sat around a campfire? It’s great telling stories, roasting marshmallows, watching the fire dance. Watching a fire can be mesmerizing, I can get lost watching the flames sway and jump, make shapes and shift. But what is the first thing you notice when you get home from camping?  Mine would be the lingering smell of smoke! It is in everything, your clothes, sleeping bag, blankets and deeply seeped into your HAIR. But it isn’t just camping and fire smoke that can seep into your hair. Intense heat can cause smog and pollution to rise as well as humidity, and our hair grabs hold of all that extra gunk and holds onto it.

Find out why you should clarify your hair sojourn beauty

Think of all the things we do to keep things looking fresh and new, from ourselves to the things we own. Pedicures, feet get a good exfoliation when you get a pedicure and they feel so soft and smooth after one. Facials and microdermabrasion’s, body salt scrubs, all make your skin feel soft and smooth with a healthy glow. What about your car? A good wash and wax on a regular basis to keep it looking shiny and new. What’s my point in all of this? It is important to take the same care of your hair.

I recommend using Sojourn Clarifying Shampoo once a week to keep hair free of any extra impurities that could weigh it down and take away shine. Give hair a good lather of this shampoo and let it sit for 2- 3 minutes, then rinse. This pH balanced shampoo (4.5-5.5) will leave your hair feeling soft yet squeaky clean. Next, apply your favorite sojourn conditioner, leave it in for 2-3 minutes then rinse. Your hair will love you for it.

Take extra steps for the end of summer clarifying treatment with sojourn clarifying shampoo. Apply to wet hair, cover with a plastic bag and add heat for 10 minutes. This will open the cuticle and allow the clarifying shampoo to dig deep and remove all smoke, smog and chlorine summer brings. Follow with sojourn smooth conditioner mixed with a pump of sojourn serum smooth, leave this on for 5 minutes. This is a conditioning gloss treatment and will restore your hair to its soft shiny self.

Products to use

Sojourn clarifying shampoo, smooth conditioner and serum smooth

clarifying TRIO set

Hair is porous, it absorbs not only the good we try to put in it but also the toxins around us. Did you know that there is a lot of information in a strand of hair? Medication that you are taking can be absorbed into your hair, typically what your body doesn’t use gets released into the hair too. It is well known among hairdressers that we can tell if you are on well water or perhaps partake in a bit of recreational smoking. Hair doesn’t lie!

Your hair can also be a window into your health. If something is going haywire inside, your hair will react on the outside. Read What your hair reveals about your health from The List. There is a lot of good information on what your hair could be telling you about your health.

As summer is coming to an end and you start gearing up for the changing routine that fall brings; don’t forget to think about your hair.

Keep your hair connected.


Debbie Boulton

August, 2017

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